Frequently Asked Questions

Do reWiper Blades perform as well as other wiper blades?

Yes, definitely! Our blades utilize premium components and are rigorously tested beyond industry standards, so you can expect equal or better performance compared to OEM blades or aftermarket replacements.

How much do the refills cost?

Our rubber refills are just $4 a piece. Compare that to a new wiper blade from any of the leading brands and you’ll see why it makes so much more sense to keep the blade and just replace the rubber.

Check out our reWiper Blade Refill Pack.

Will I be stuck buying your refills?

Not necessarily. Many of the beam-blade refills out there will work with reWiper Blades. However, the past problem with refilling wiper blades is that it’s tough to get exactly the right refill to match a given blade. If you want a premium refill that’s guaranteed to fit, then you can always come back to us for a reWiper Blade Refill Pack.

Will these wiper blades last forever?

Just like any component on your vehicle, these wiper blades can become damaged and need replaced. However, reWiper Blades are robustly designed and extensively tested, so that’s not expected to happen. At the very least, the many refills you’ll get out of them will save you a bundle of money before they need replaced (if they ever do!).

Does this pack come with a rear wiper blade?

Unfortunately not… We currently don’t carry rear windshield wipers, but we are looking to add them later this year.

Is reducing wiper blade waste even that big of a deal?

I think you know what we’re gonna say here…. YES! It’s a HUGE deal. We estimate that there is over 20 MILLION POUNDS of wiper waste that occurs in the US every single year (and that’s a very conservative estimate). We’ll never eliminate it, but we can at least provide an option to help reduce it. Learn more

Am I able to just refill my current wiper blades?

That’s a definite “maybe”. Although our reWiper Blades make refilling super easy, some other wiper blades are able to be refilled with a little effort or D.I.Y. know-how. That said, if you’re able to get it done, it definitely makes more sense to refill your current blades than to buy new ones (both in terms of saving money and reducing waste). We offer a selection of refills here.

Why isn't refilling wipers the norm?

A few decades ago, buying refills was standard practice. Unfortunately, two problems occured:
1) With so much variation between wiper blades, it became very difficult to find the right refill for a given blade.
2) Businesses realized it was more profitable to sell the entire wiper blade instead of just the refill.

We deal with the first by offering one type of wiper blade and one type of refill that’s guaranteed to fit. We deal with the second by putting the consumer and the environment first, then building a business around that.